Adult Onset Allergies

allergy to ragweed may make you susceptible melon food allergies

Can an Adult Develop New Allergies?

Despite popular notion, the introduction of new allergies into one’s life is not an occurrence reserved only for childhood. Though most allergies become known when patients are still young, the rates of allergic disease onset in adults, especially in modernized societies, have steadily increased over the past few decades.

Up to 25% of adults are currently living with one or more food allergies.

The foods that most often trigger allergic reactions in adults include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and shellfish.

Many patients who suffer from adult-onset food allergies may also be susceptible to certain aeroallergens, also known as pollen-plant allergy syndrome. Specific airborne and foodborne allergies produce the same cross-reactive antibodies, causing similar reactions. For example, a patient who is sensitive to ragweed pollen may also possibly trigger an allergic reaction when eating honeydew, cantaloupe or watermelon. Profilins, allergen proteins found in pollen, latex and plants, have been identified as playing a large part in inducing allergic symptoms. Eosinophilic esophagitis, inflammation of the esophagus, was once a rare condition but is now emerging as an increasingly prevalent reaction to allergens in air and food.

Thanks to research and development, the total cases of fatalities as a result of food allergies remain low each year.
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